SESS Report

The State of Environmental Science in Svalbard (SESS) report is an annual report produced by SIOS. The report summarises the state of current knowledge of key Earth System Science (ESS) parameters and analyses how these parameters influence one another. The SESS report outlines the work that has been done in the previous years within the SIOS cooperation to optimise the observing system and recommends research priorities for the following year(s).

The report contains information about the long-term monitoring data that form the core of the observing system (“core data”) and the providers of such data to SIOS. It also covers new, innovative monitoring and research that has been carried out through the SIOS Access Programme. The focus is on integrating datasets, encouraging new thinking about connections between measured parameters and pursuing quantitative links.


In addition to evaluating the state of current knowledge, the SESS report outlines the questions that remain unanswered and recommends ways to answer these questions. Solutions may include investing in new research infrastructure to collect new long term data series or making changes to existing monitoring. This could mean adjusting the temporal or spatial resolution of measurements, or even changing the monitoring location to co-locate different types of measurements, such that datasets can be more easily combined. This is the basis of the integrated observing system.

The SIOS call for input to each SESS report will be based on the recommendations of the previous year’s report. As such it is important for those wishing to conduct research under the SIOS banner to contribute to the report so that their research priorities may be included as recommendations for the following year.

SIOS promotes scientific innovation and sees cooperation across nations and disciplines as an important means to this end. By improving access to new and existing monitoring data, prioritising investment in new research infrastructure and strengthening collaboration, SIOS promotes innovative solutions to answering the big questions in Arctic Earth System Science. The SESS report is the main medium used to achieve this aim.