SESS report 2019

The call for contributions to the second SESS report is now closed. 10 applications were received, of which 8 were selected for funding as listed below. The 8 contributions represent a total of 58 authors from 9 countries, including representatives from 11 SIOS member institutions. In addition, 4 updates on previous chapters have been funded.

Contributions to the 2019 SESS report selected for funding

Name of contribution Lead author
Sentinel based mapping of plant productivity in relation to snow duration and time of green-up (GROWTH) Stein Rune Karlsen (NORCE)
Environmental Monitoring in the Kapp Linne Environmental Observatory (KLEO) Michael Retelle (UNIS)
Seismological monitoring of Svalbard's cryosphere: current status and knowledge gaps (CRYOSEIS) Michal Malinowski (IG-PAS)
Towards a strategical network of Svalbard glacier research (SvalGlac) Thomas Vikhamar Schuler (UiO)
Climate-Ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra: A proposal for the SESS report 2020 (COAT) Åshild Ønvik Pedersen (NPI)
Secondary aerosol formation mechanisms,  aerosol precursors vapours and their sources in Svalbard area (SVALBAEROSOL) Mikko Sipilä (INAR)
Atmospheric Black Carbon at SVALBARD (ABC Svalbard) Stefania Gilardoni (CNR)
Probing of the Vertical Structure of the Atmosphere in Svalbard (ProVeSAS)

Mauro Mazzola (CNR)



Updates of previous chapters


Spitsbergen Oceanic and Atmospheric interactions (SOA) Manuel Bensi (OGS)
Permafrost thermal snapshot and active-layer thickness in Svalbard 2016-2017 (PermaSval)

Hanne Christiansen (UNIS)

Grand Challenge Initiative - Cusp for SIOS (GCI-Cusp) Jøran Moen (UiO)
The Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey – Monitoring plankton in the Nordic Sea (CPR_Survey)

Martin Edwards (MBA)



Additional chapter (not funded)


Long-term monitoring of fast-ice extent and thickness in Kongsfjorden (FastIce) Sebastian Gerland (NPI)


Timeline for SESS report 2019 

16 April - Opening of call

15 May - Closing of call

31 May - Decision by SIOS Board of Directors

18/19 June - Workshop with representatives of all contributions

15 September - Submission deadline for contributions

15 October - Distribution of comments from reviewers and editorial board

31 October - Re-submission of contributions

8 November - 13 December - Editorial process (feedback from authors may be requested)

13 - 17 January 2020 - Polar Night Week and release of SESS report #2