SIOS user account request - eligibility criteria

You need a SIOS user account if

  1. you are active in a working group, or committee

  2. you are member of the SIOS GA or BoD

  3. you want to add/edit an item in the Observation Facility Catalogue

  4. you want to add a request or offer in the Logistics Sharing Notice Board or EO-RS forum

  5. you want to use advanced Data Portal functions (name it please)

  6. If you want to use the 'save as draft' function in your webform/application.

You do not need a SIOS user account if you want to

  1. submit an application /proposal to a SIOS call (without using the 'save as draft' function)

  2. access/search on the Data Portal or download data

  3. apply for a training course