Data submission

Submission of data to the Observation Facility Catalogue (OFC)

To enter data in the Observation Facility Catalogue, you must be logged in and have assigned the role "RI responsible" by the administrator. Please contact the Access and Logistics Officer to have this role assigned to your account.

How to enter data into the Observation Facility Catalogue (pdf)



Submission of data to the SIOS Data Management System (SDMS)

The SIOS Data Management System relies on the principles of distributed data management. Datasets that are relevant for SIOS, as well as their associated metadata, are managed by several physically distributed data centres. If you are associated with one of the institutions listed below, please contact the relevant data manager to submit your data. These data will be automatically made accessible through the SIOS Data Access Portal.

Other relevant repositories

*Important note: If you store any dataset in NIRD RDA or PANGAEA you need to send the URL of the published data to Otherwise, the data won’t be harvested by the SDMS and will not be findable for the SIOS community.

Your data are already stored in a repository not listed above?

Please contact us or fill in the METADATA COLLECTION FORM.


If you have problems in choosing an appropriate repository, please contact us (see right menu). We will help you to make your data available!