The Knowledge Centre

The SIOS Knowledge Centre (SIOS-KC) is the central hub of SIOS. It is located in the Svalbard Science Centre in Longyearbyen and offers coordinated services for the international research community. The SIOS-KC currently has six staff members and is funded by the Research Council of Norway through 2021. The services offered by the SIOS community are coordinated by SIOS-KC with support from the SIOS working groups.

The services offered include:

  • Integration and optimisation of the observing system (Read more)
  • Access to the research infrastructure (Read more)
  • Data management, storing and curating of scientific data, both ground-based and from space (Read more)
  • Utilisation of remote sensing resources (Read more)
  • Coordination of logistical services (Read more)
  • Training and education programmes (Read more)
  • Information and outreach

The Knowledge Centre will foster an intellectual environment where sampling strategies and observational practices are developed. It will also stimulate the development of new observational techniques for environmental monitoring that are clean, energy-efficient and robust in the Arctic environment.

Figure: The Knowledge Centre is the node of SIOS. It coordinates permanent services (dark red boxes) provided by the SIOS community to its members as well as to other networks such as the circum-Arctic SAON, stakeholders and users outside the SIOS consortium (grey boxes). Working groups develop these services with contributions from the member institutions. In addition, task forces may be formed in order to take on specific assignments (pink boxes). The task forces are used in a dynamic way as the need arises, and may include non-SIOS experts, e.g. commercial companies (innovation tasks) or members of other earth system networks (observing system optimisation).