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SIOS-KC offers help and services related to preparing metadata and data in accordance to FAIR standards. We support you e.g. when choosing a repository, receiving a DOI number, or choosing the license.

You can go through our online material that can help you to better manage your data and to learn how to use the SIOS services.

SIOS-KC and the Data Management Working Group offer also online and physical training courses and workshops.

In case of any questions or help needed, please do not hesitate to contact our data management team directly (see menu to the right)!

Online material

How-to use SIOS services

Material from SIOS core data workshops

Material from previous courses

  • Data management course series 2021 (pdf, videos on youtube)
    • SIOS Data Management System – an overview/Data Management Plan
    • How to encode data as NetCDF-CF using Python and R
    • How to work with Rosetta to convert tabular CSV files til netCDF-CF
    • How to create Darwin Core Archive for biological data
    • SIOS Data (core data, SESS report data, access call data)
    • How to publish scientific data
    • Nansen Legacy tools for data management
    • How to use and contribute to the Observation Facility Catalogue

Short tutorial videos

Luke Marsden, Met Norway &UNIS, made a series of short YouTube videos to guide you through the FAIR data revolution. His videos are suitable for anyone interested in scientific data.

NetCDF in Python - from beginner to pro


Training courses

SIOS offers a series of data management training courses, both online and physical. They can be held as an add-on to a workshop or as stand-alone course. You can follow open webinars offered regularly via our webpage or you can request a course by contacting our information officer (

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