First SESS report

SIOS is due to publish the first SESS report in January 2019 during the SIOS Polar Night Week in Longyearbyen. A call for contributions was issued in August 2017, offering funding for those wishing to contribute to the first report. In total 13 SESS project proposals were submitted by the deadline of 1 October.

Applications to the SIOS pilot SESS call were assessed in three stages: an initial screening by SIOS-KC, a scientific evaluation by the Science Optimisation Advisory Group (SOAG) and final approval by the Interim Steering Board (ISB). The scientific evaluation was based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific excellence
  • Relevance to SIOS
  • Scientific feasibility
  • Innovation
  • Optimisation of the Observing System

The final list of accepted projects is shown in table 1 below. The projects have delivered their contribution by 15 May 2018 and the editorial board is currently working on the evaluation.

The editorial board for the 1st issue of the SESS report has following members:

  • Georg Hansen, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
  • Hanna Lappalainen, University of Helsinki
  • Elizabeth Orr, University of Cincinnati
  • SIOS-KC (represented by the director and the information officer)

If you would like to contact the editorial board please send an email to

Read more about the editorial board here.

Table: Accepted projects during the pilot period 2017/2018. (* Funding for SESS part of combined SESS and Access project)

Project title PI Institution Funding (NOK)
Spitsbergen Oceanic and Atmospheric interaction (SOA) Manuel Bensi National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics, Italy 390 708
Integrated Marine Observatory Partnership (iMOP) Finlo Cottier Scottish Association for Marine Science, United Kingdom 445 000
The Lower Atmosphere above Svalbard (LAS) Angelo Pietro Viola The Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, CNR, Italy 450 000
Microbial activity monitoring by the integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (MamSIOS) David Pearce University of Northumbria at Newcastle, United Kingdom 136 177
Permafrost thermal state in Svalbard 2017-2018 (PermaSval) Hanne H. Christiansen University Centre in Svalbard, Norway 401 750*
Snow Observation in Svalbard (SOS) Jean-Charles Gallet Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway 134 000*