The Editorial Board for the SESS report 2022

For each issue of the SESS report an Editorial Board is established consisting of two senior researchers, one early career researcher (recruited in cooperation with APECS) and two representatives of the SIOS Knowledge Centre. It has regular meetings in the period between the submission of the contributions and the finalisation of the SESS report.

The tasks of the editorial board include reviewing of the received contributions, organisation of the scientific review process, the integration of chapters through the executive summary and other editorial tasks.

Members of the Editorial Board 2022

Divya David T is a scientist working in the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, India. She is a physical oceanographer and her scientific interests include understanding physical processes in the Arctic and their interplay with biogeochemistry. She is the principal investigator of the Indian long-term hydrography monitoring project implemented in Kongsfjorden. She has several years of research experience and has been actively involved in research in the Svalbard area since 2012.  Also, she has been the author of two of the earlier SESS reports in 2019 and 2021.

Jacek Jania (University of Silesia, Poland) More information coming soon.

Roseline C Thakur (University of Helsinki, Finland) More information coming soon.

Marjolein Gevers (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) is a PhD student in Glaciology at the University of Lausanne. For her research, she combines field observations and numerical models to understand the interactions between different components of the glacier system. Her focus is on active glaciological, geomorphic and erosional processes on the Greenland Ice Sheet and Arctic glaciers. She is the Early Career Researcher member of the editorial board.

Christiane Hübner (SIOS Information Officer) represents the SIOS-KC in the editorial board.

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