Call for secondments to SIOS Knowledge Centre

Are you working at a SIOS member institution and have an idea on how to strengthen the collaboration between research infrastructures or how to improve the SIOS observing system? SIOS offers support for a stay at the SIOS Knowledge Centre in Longyearbyen to work on specific topics!

Purpose of the call

One of the main tasks for the SIOS consortium is to strengthen the collaboration between infrastructure owners and to increase the mutual and optimal use of the available infrastructure.

To facilitate this work SIOS invites secondments from the Member institutions to the SIOS-KC office in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. 



Time frame

The secondment can last from one month up to six months. 

A total of 12 person months can be supported each year. 

What does SIOS offer? 

SIOS will provide office space, travel costs, housing, and a subsistence allowance for the period as well as other well justified expenses like arranging workshops. The position is subject to the availability of housing and office space.

SIOS will not pay salary to the seconded personnel. The value of the person hours spent on secondment will be considered an in-kind contribution to SIOS from the employer of the seconded person.

The seconded personnel will work closely with the staff at the KC and SIOS working groups and task forces, as applicable. They may also be invited to attend relevant external meetings that arise during their secondment. 

What does SIOS expect?

The seconded person should be able to engage fully in their project objectives during their seconded time. This must be agreed with their employer before they apply.

At the end of the secondment the person will be expected to deliver a short report on what was achieved during their time at SIOS-KC, how the support of SIOS benefited their work, how their work benefits the SIOS community and recommendations for further work on their chosen topic. 


Eligibility criteria

You must be employed a SIOS member institution to apply. Your application should be developed in conjunction with and supported by your institution. You must provide justification of how the secondment will benefit both SIOS and your institution in your application.

Applications should address one or more of the following topics:

  • From observations/core data to scientific integration (objective scientific paper);
  • Implementing recommendation(s) in SESS report;
  • Identify (new) SIOS core data and make them available on SIOS data portal following the SIOS core data procedure;
  • Generating a specific remote sensing based product(s) prioritised by RSWG (pro);
  • Preparing and conducting a training course on a topic relevant to SIOS;
  • Organising instrument/ sensor calibration or intercomparison workshop;
  • Provide logistical support for a scientific expeditions;
  • Develop outreach material for SIOS;
  • Preparing external funding application for SIOS (or within SIOS consortium).
Assessment procedure and criteria

Candidates will be interviewed. SIOS-KC will suggest candidates to the BoD based on the following criteria:

  • Adherence to eligibility criteria listed above;
  • Relevant qualifications and experience to carry out the proposed work;
  • Quality of the proposal and description of how the proposed work will contribute to the selected topic;
  • Relevance and benefit to SIOS consortium.
How to apply

If you are interested in applying for a secondment at SIOS-KC, please submit the application form (link below). You will also need to upload a work plan and a CV.

The call is continuous, and applicants can submit their proposals at any time.