SIOS training course on metrology in Svalbard

SIOS in cooperation with the National Research Council of Italy offers a training course on metrology in Svalbard. The participants will learn about general and applied metrology with special focus on data quality for environmental observations, WMO measurement guidelines, terminology and uncertainty evaluation prescriptions.The training course will cover specific aspects of metrology for instruments and observing sites in the Arctic.

The online training was delivered by Prof. Andrea Merlone, Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, National Research Council of Italy, 18-20 May 2022.

Target audience

The course was intended for university students and operators of scientific research infrastructure located in Svalbard and other polar regions.

Course content (pdf's of lectures available)

1 Getting started - Introduction
2 General introduction to metrology
3 Terminology
4 Uncertainty
5 Issues with measurands
6 Temperature measurements - Calibration of thermometers by comparison
7 Applications and projects

Guideline documents:

Task force

This training course was organised by a task force comprised of the following members:

  • Andrea Merlone, CNR
  • Gijsbert Breedveld, UNIS
  • Christiane Hübner, SIOS-KC