SIOS’s 2nd Announcement of Opportunity in Airborne Remote Sensing

SIOS invites project proposals from the SIOS research community for acquiring aerial imagery and hyperspectral data using SIOS’s airborne remote sensing platforms to conduct scientific projects.

Timeline of the call:
Opening of call: 25 January 2021
Deadline to submit a proposal: 25 February 2021
Decision: Expected by Mid−March 2021
Image/data acquisition period: 1 April − 15 September 2021
Note: SIOS-KC is monitoring the situation of COVID-19 outbreak and accordingly the flight and UAV operations will be conducted in the coming months.

Support for potential applicants: SIOS-KC will run a dedicated webinar on 8 February 2021 (10 - 11 am CET) for potential applicants. This webinar is open to all interested applicants to ask specific questions on the application form and other specific details. If you are interested to attend this webinar, register here.
Available funding
Total funds of at least 1 MNOK are available, which translates to approximately 25 flight hours using the Dornier aircraft or approximate 50 flight hours using UAVs.
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Contact: Shridhar Jawak, SIOS Remote Sensing Officer

Photo: NORCE