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    Eidembukta Lagoon
    We continue to study a post-glacial lagoon near Eidembukta, West Spitsbergen. Due to the interaction between the melting glacier and the penetration of sea waters, there are two subsystems that differ both in their physical-chemical parameters and biologically. The upper layer (0-8 m) is freshwater, the lower layer (from 8 to 35 m) is polyhaline with salinity up to 22 psu. The first survey was carried out in 2022, and additional bathymetric, hydrological and hydrochemical measurements are planned for 2023. We also plan more detailed sampling for phyto- and zooplankton, nektobenthos, benthic macrofauna, eDNA, as well as incubation experiments to study the emission of the greenhouse gases. We cannot offer any financial support, but for those who are interested in post-glacial lagoons, we can offer a place (s) in a tented camp and a friendly, hard-working company for 4-6 days. We are especially interested in glaciologists, geomorphologists, hydrochemists, as well as specialists in certain taxonomic groups, such as micro- and macroalgae, chironomids, etc
    A well-thought-out program of field research, own technical means for its implementation (devices, consumables). Good communication skills and experience in Arctic field conditions. Having a license (boat driver, gun permit) is a big advantage. If you have your own zodiac or dinghy with an engine, you are absolutely welcome
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    Sergej Olenin
    Klaipeda University Marine Research Institute
    Project coordinator