Research Infrastructure Access Projects in 2024

The sixth call for access to SIOS research infrastructure opened on 12 September 2023 and closed on 6 November 2023 (SIOS access call autumn 2023). 10 applications were submitted. After the scientific evaluation and feasibility assessment it was decided that SIOS could support 6 of the proposed projects.

All of the supported projects will have physical access to SIOS Research Infrastructure.

Table 1 shows the list of projects that SIOS is supporting in 2024. 

Table 1. Accepted projects from the 2023 autumn access call.
Project title PI Institution Facility Allocated funding (NOK)
The greening of Arctic lake shores under the effect of climate change: a new hotspot for benthic cyanobacteria Camilla Capelli University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland Ny-Ålesund: Dirigibile Italia 119 020
Molecular step of new particle formation in the arctic atmosphere part III - trends in a changing climate & new insight in chemical base quantification Lauriane L. J. Quéléver Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research // INAR - Physics , University
of Helsinki
Ny-Ålesund: Dirigibile Italia 122 650
Missing link to understand the ocean-land organic (radio-) carbon cycling in
Kongsfjorden, Svalbard: Groundwater
Minkyoung Kim Kyungpook National University Ny-Ålesund: Sverdrup 199 480
Spitsbergen Ocean Front Transect - Phase 2 Frank Nilsen The University Centre in Svalbard Ocean Glider 200 000
Svalbard Environmental Neutrons Lasse Hertle Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Ny-Ålesund: AWIPEV 200 000
Controls of supraglacial hydrological systems on subglacial hydrological processes of
retreating a high-Arctic glacier
Ian Thomas Stevens Aarhus University Ny-Ålesund: Sverdrup 199 760