We seek a Remote Sensing Officer on a temporary basis

This temporary position is to cover for short-term staff absence while the recruiting process for a permanent Remote Sensing Officer is underway.  The temporary staff member may also apply for the permanent position.

You will run the SIOS remote sensing service in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, in particular ensuring the coordination of ongoing projects with the Norwegian Space Centre. The key responsibilities for this position include the management of contracts, and the provision of support to SIOS member institutions, in particular to the SIOS remote sensing working group. The SIOS remote sensing service will assist all scientific initiatives determined by the SIOS science optimisation advisory group. The temporary position is available from March until the permanent position is filled and can last up to 6 months.

Read more about the SIOS Remote Sensing Service:  https://sios-svalbard.org/RemoteSensing

The applicant should have following qualifications:
  • Minimum MSc degree in scientific topic(s) relevant for the Arctic, such as physics, geophysics, geography, informatics or similar.
  • Relevant experience in satellite remote sensing methods applied in atmospheric, cryospheric, oceanic or terrestrial sciences.
  • Competence in satellite data processing or geographical information systems is an advantage.
  • Good collaboration and communication skills including good oral and written English.

The applicant needs to be structured, result oriented and a creative team player with an innovative and problem solving attitude. Personal attributes of the successful candidate are essential. It is an advantage to have knowledge about research activities in Svalbard and general remote sensing activities in the Polar Regions. It is an advantage to have an international network of contacts.

Inquiries about the temporary position may be directed to Kim Holmén (Acting SIOS Director), e-mail: kim.holmen@npolar.no; phone: +47 7902 2612 or Anna Maria Trofaier (current Remote Sensing Officer), e-mail: remotesensing@sios-svalbard.org.