Workshop module “Data management as a tool for scientists”

Workshops or other activities funded by the Svalbard Strategic Grant from Svalbard Science Forum will be considered for additional funding from SIOS for a one-day training module on data management. Other collaborative activites can also be eligible for the funding, and applications will be evaluated on an individual basis. 

The modules share the theme “Data management as a tool for scientists”, but the training contents will be developed in collaboration with the applicant to address the needs of the participants. The aim is to make scientists familiar with the concepts of data management according to FAIR principles and with an emphasis on the SIOS Data Management System. Discussing the opportunities and challenges of proper data management is one of the key topics of the module. Through participation in these modules, scientists will be able to develop practices in planning, collecting, and preparing their data in a way that allows for easy and sustainable archiving and publication of the data. 

Furthermore, the module will address scientific data management with emphasis on the SIOS Data Management System, and will give an introduction to:

  • the necessity and benefits of standardised data documentation in relation to the Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom chain;
  • the pathway of FAIR guiding principles towards Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable data;
  • how to document data for data sharing/publication and long-term preservation with emphasis on the reuse of data;
  • guidance and best practices for data publication and archiving research data in online repositories;
  • perspectives of scientific transparency and quality control;
  • scientists as data providers and consumers;
  • the 5 Ps matter (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance) and how to create a data management plan

The training session is held by a SIOS data expert with expertise in the scientific topic of the SSG activity. It has a theoretical section, followed by practical exercises based on data provided by the participants. It is a prerequisite that the organiser of the SSG activity is actively contributing to the development of the programme in order to make best use of the training for the participants.

This training module can be applied for together with an application for Svalbard Strategic Grant (SSG).