Samples logs from the Nansen Legacy now searchable on SIOS

The Nansen Legacy project constitutes an integrated Arctic perspective on climate and ecosystem change—from physical processes to living resources and from understanding the past to predicting the future. Coordination of the Nansen Legacy data management is done within the context of SIOS, which provides the entry point to Nansen Legacy data.

Pål Gunnar Ellingsen (UNIS), data manager for the Nansen Legacy, has worked closely with us to implement and provide a service that makes the sample logs from the Nansen Legacy expeditions available on SIOS.

Sample logs from the last two Nansen Legacy cruises on Kronprins Haakon are now searchable within the SIOS portal:

Searches are also possibly by Sample ID or Stations.

Additionally, an Excel template generator for registration of data has also been implemented and spreadsheet can be now created and downloaded from the portal. This is intended to be used by researchers that do not have other tools for creating datasets (like Fish2Data, instrument formats etc.). The downloaded file contains variable names according to Darwin core and Units follow CF standard.