SIOS Data Access Point

The search interface was updated in week 11.  Evaluation of the content of remote datasets served through OPeNDAP, has now been moved to a pre-processing step which is done during ingestion and the relevant information is stored in the catalogue. As part of the testing process, datasets hosted by the Norwegian Polar Institute and AWI/PANGAEA have been ingested as well. This ingestion revealed some errors that was corrected in week 14. Within the next week some modifications to the search engine will be made.

The current setup has the following limitations:

  • Add to basket is listed for all datasets, but this will not work for all. E.g. when only a landing page is listed for a dataset, there is no functionality in the basket.
  • Full filtering of functionality in the basket depending on the available interfaces to data and types of data is yet not fully implemented.
  • Visualisation and transformation of time series etc does not work.


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