SIOS Data Access Point

The search interface was updated late November 2017. We are now harvesting and testing data from contributing repositories. The current version of the search interface connects to remote datasets using OPeNDAP where possible to determine the feature type (e.g. timeseries, grid, trajectory etc) while doing the search. This slows down the search process, especially if there are problems on the provider side. This has been moved to a pre-processing step but the new code is yet to be deployed live. It is currently undergoing testing and there are some other issues under revision as well.

We are also in the process of setting up a regular push of timeseries from the operational meteorological stations in the area to SDMS. This will also include a dump of relevant information from the WMO Global Telecommunication System. This push of information is currently under testing and some issues to handle are currently addressed.

While waiting for the full SIOS Data Management System to be available, you can search for datasets in the Research in Svalbard Database. Quoting the RIS statement: The Research in Svalbard database (RiS) contains information about research and monitoring projects in Svalbard and surrounding waters. Logged in users can submit applications and reports for research activity and book services in Ny-Ålesund.


Data collection period