Logistical support for SIOS members

Researchers from SIOS member institutions can take advantage of these services:

Storage (normal, cold and freezer) in Longyearbyen

SIOS members may use the facilities at Svalbard Science Centre for short term storage of samples (including samples frozen at -80°). Storage space cannot be guaranteed, so it is important to send a request 3-4 weeks in advance if you would like to make use of this facility. Please send your request, including the volume of samples, storage requirements, time period of storage, and planned time of arrival/departure to logistics@sios-svalbard.org. This service is provided by NPI and is also available outside working hours.



Guest office in Longyearbyen

SIOS can offer visiting members access to a guest office in Svalbard Science Centre. The office is located in the SIOS Knowledge Centre and there is access to the UNIS guest WiFi and EduRoam. You need to bring your own laptop and the offer is subject to availability. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please email logistics@sios-svalbard.org with the time period of your visit.