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Event ID ec2a559b-a618-11e8-91c9-005056a2b019
Parent Event ID 8b6a62e1-a5df-11e8-91c9-005056a2b019
Cruise Number 2018707
Station Name SICE1
Event Time (UTC) 18:48:00
Event Date 2018-08-16
Decimal Latitude 83.1502
Decimal Longitude 31.4666
Sample Type Protist abundance and taxonomy
Gear Type Ice corer 9 cm
Sample Depth (m)
Bottom Depth (m) 3820
Niskin Bottle Number
Sampling protocol Nansen Legacy Sampling protocol version1. section 15.5.7
Sample Location UiT, NFH building
PI name Bodil Bluhm
PI e-mail
PI insitution UiT
Recorded By Bodil Bluhm
Event Remarks RF3 T3-1-1, 0 cm = ice-water interface, volume taken from last core, not written down
Other Information
Key Value
intendedMethod Microscope
Key Value
title Ice meiofauna and protists
pi name Bodil Bluhm
abstract Ice cores were taken with a 9 cm inner diameter Kovacs ice corer. Ice cores were melted at 4 deg C with added filtered seawater (100 ml per 1 cm core section). Total volume of the melted sample was measured, the sample gently mixed, and 100 ml filled in brown glass bottles and preserved with 1 ml GAA Lugol for protist analysis. The remaining volume was sieved over 64 um (note: 20 um sieve requested in protocol was not available), rinsed into vials with a squeeze bottle and preserved in ~2-4% Zoofix for meiofauna analysis. Protocol 15.5.7 from Sampling protocol version 1 was used, except that sections 0-1 and 1-3 cm were combined into one since 0-1 cm was impossible to saw in the melting conditions we experienced.
pi email
projectID The Nansen Legacy (RCN#276730)
pi address Hansine Hansens veg 18, 9037 Langnes Tromsø
recordedBy Bodil Bluhm
pi institution UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
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Source file AeN_JC1-2_2018707_Icemeiofaunaprotists_Bluhm.xlsx