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Event ID 2b0e6550-a2f2-11e8-91c9-005056a2b019
Parent Event ID
Cruise Number 2018707
Station Name SICE1
Event Time (UTC) 04:30:00
Event Date 2018-08-17
Decimal Latitude 83.1324
Decimal Longitude 31.7032
Sample Type Trace elements
Gear Type GO-FLO
Sample Depth (m) 120
Bottom Depth (m) 3820
Niskin Bottle Number 10
Sampling protocol Nansen Legacy sampling protocols version 1 section 9
Sample Location NTNU
PI name Murat Ardelan
PI e-mail
PI insitution NTNU
Recorded By Murat
Event Remarks
Other Information
Key Value
fixative Acidified HNO3 (ph
maximumDepthInMeters 500
sampleVolumeInMilliliters 125
Key Value
pi name Murat V. Ardelan / Nicolas Sanchez
abstract Trace metas as micronutrients and toxic element will be determined
pi email
projectID The Nansen Legacy RCN#276730
pi address Department of Chemistry Høyskoleringen 5 7461 Trondheim
recordedBy Murat
pi institution NTNU
Entry created 2018-11-05 09:47:00+00
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2018-11-07T12:52:42Z: Updated station names
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Source file AeN_JC1_2_2018707_GO-FLO_TraceElements.xlsx