Penetrating the mysteries of Von Postbreen

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is widely used to observe the basal topography of glaciers and ice sheets. The SIOS funded project “Structure of a surge type glacier from multi-offset ground penetrating radar (SumoGPR)" set out to observe the bed topography of Von Postbreen, a polythermal surge-type glacier in Svalbard.

Catalogue trouble

Following an upgrade of the front- and backend services of the catalogue, the catalogue search engine was restructured yesterday and reindexing of datasets initiated. During the evening of November 21 a hardware outage prevented completion of the reindexing process. Due to this, the catalogue is yet not properly populated. This work will continue once hardware issues have been fixed.

Planned maintenance November 21th

Tuesday 21th November, maintenance is planned in the computer halls hosting the services. This will start 12:30 CET and may last for 2.5 hours. During this period services may not be available.


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