Nansen Legacy Matadata Retrieval Tool

This is a tool that can be used to retrieve updated metadata from the metadata catalogue

The metadata from the sample logs that you handed in have been cleaned and updated to fix errors and ensure consistency across the project. However, if you spot anything that is incorrect, please report them to, so these errors can be corrected in the metadata catalogue. Also please contact this email address if you encounter any problems using this tool.

Event date has been converted to conform with the ISO 8601 standard, often required when publishing FAIR data. This is now a concatenation of date and time.

How it works:

Select a file that includes an Event ID column, and one record per row. The Event ID will be used to find the record in the metadata catalogue, and retrieve it. They will be included in a new file that can be downloaded from this page. It will include both all the columns from the file you upload as well as new columns from the metadata catalogue

Select file (xls, xlsx, csv or tsv)

Sheet name (if applicable, or leave blank):

Row number of column headers:

Row number of first row that contains data:


Select file type to generate: