Objectives of SIOS

The vision of SIOS

We will be the leading long-term observing system in the Arctic to serve Earth system science and society

The mission of SIOS

SIOS is an international partnership of research institutions studying the environment and climate in and around Svalbard to

  • Develop an efficient observing system
  • Share technology, experience and data
  • Close knowledge gaps
  • Decrease the environmental footprint of science


The objective of SIOS

SIOS is a collaborative effort to develop and maintain a regional observational system for long-term measurements in and around Svalbard, addressing Earth System Science questions related to Global Change.

The observing system and research facilities offered by SIOS build on the extensive observation capacity and diverse world-class research infrastructure provided by many institutions already established in Svalbard. This includes a substantial capability for utilising remote sensing resources to complement ground-based observations. From this solid foundation, SIOS envisions a significant contribution to the systematic development of new methods and observational design in Svalbard. This knowledge can advance other observational networks in the Arctic and elsewhere.

SIOS is aiming at more efficient use and better integration of the observing system based on a distributed data management system, an open access program that includes logistical support, as well as training and education activities. Working groups, task forces and other SIOS components pursue these aims in direct and structured dialogue with scientists, user groups, policy-makers and other porters of societal and scientific needs.

SIOS brings observations together into a coherent and integrated observational programme that will be sustained. Thus, SIOS offers unique opportunities for research and the acquisition of fundamental knowledge about global environmental change. SIOS focuses on processes and their interactions between the different spheres, i.e., biosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, and hydrosphere. The core observational programme of SIOS provides the research community with systematic observations that are sustained over time, yet dynamic enough to be adapted as new methods appear or society poses new questions.