The workshop aimed to familiarise the community with the idea of SIOS core data (SCD). The SCD identification and mapping process was presented. The lectures covered issues related to essential variables as well as harmonisation and standardisation of measurement protocols.

The workshop had two main focus areas:

  • critical analysis and revision of the SCD list and correction of variable definitions; and
  • addressing the issue of the harmonisation of measurements (measurement protocols, calibration) of SCD.

The workshop also included training to support transforming SCD-candidates to SCD.

Planned outcomes were:

  • corrected variable definitions
  • updated SCD list
  • initiate workgroups for standardisation of the SCD measurement protocols

Form of the workshop: 2-days online workshop
Date:  5 – 6 November 2020

Workshop programme

Organising committee:
Øystein Godøy, MET Norway
Darek Ignatiuk, SIOS Knowledge Centre
Bartek Luks, IGF PAS
Roland Neuber, AWI
Vito Vitale, CNR

Contact: Scientific Integration and Data Officer Dariusz Ignatiuk